9 Baby Nursery Rugs Ideas

Modern Nursery Rugs

Modern Nursery Rugs

Complete your baby room decor with nursery rugs ideas! Learn our 9 nursery rug ideas to find out one that suits overall room very well. It can be a bit daunting as a task in finding the right one.

Among the many options, where to start is one of the major problems. Not to worry because we are giving you some ideas in how to narrow down the available options. Check these out!

Natural Fiber

It is the very first thing when choosing the rugs especially the for baby nursery. This kind of rug offers organic feature for healthy baby nursery completion. It is for sure to add elegance and comfort in the room.

Natural Rubber Backing

It has always better than the ones with synthetic backing. The natural rubber backing rugs do not off gas toxins. In matter of durability, the rugs are easy to clean by using wash machine to remove dust and any other pollutant.

No Chemical Treatments

So that not to cause any health issue, you better not to apply any treatment on the rugs with chemical essence! Choose rugs that naturally dirt and resistance to stain such as sisal, wood or seagrass.

Natural Vegetable Dyes

It has been proven for so many times that these rugs are a lot better than the ones dyed in chemicals. Although not as bold as dyed fibers synthetically, there are a few colors to choose from in range.

Warmth and Softness

Babies crawl. They also roll and play all over the floor once strong enough. Just make sure not to choose merely the beautiful colors but also soft surfaced rugs that warm. This will make sure about your baby safety from inevitable tumbling and bumbling as well.

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Easy to Clean

Food chunks and drink spills might happen in your baby room. So that to lessen messes, choose one that easily to clean. Colors such as pure white might not be the best one based on this matter.

Easy to Wash

Dust is inevitably absorbed by the rugs. Others like baby messes as well as pollutants that may attach should ideally be bung in the washing machine. Regular cleaning at least two weeks a time is recommended.

Toddler Safety

Avoid in choosing slippery surfaced rugs! Choose a flat surfaced without knobbles or wrinkles which slip resistant. If your rugs are with non-slip backing, use a rug pad and avoid tassels and fringes.

Value for Money

A high quality of Nursery Rugs will need to spend a fortune in the effort to afford them. Just make sure in choosing one that suits baby room decor color and theme.

We have an IKEA baby nursery rug in 5×8. It is modern round shaped with neutral gender that means applicable both in baby boy and baby girl. What is going to be your choice? Check IKEA for some references about best Nursery Rugs!

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